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Watch our new Best Practices in Business Video Blog series  – Informative content for the business community in an easy to digest format.
Each segment has several 2-3 minute video chapters – short interviews with business experts accompanied with a checklist to download.

Is Networking Working for You?

A New Way to Network

Ever get tongue-tied when asked to introduce yourself at business networking events?  If your 30 second “elevator speech” feels flat, this Video Blog is for you!  In this interview with our networking expert, Stuart Paap, we learn about his concept of creating your personal “value statement” so you can truly connect with a potential customer. A New Way to Network Download Series Handout Value Statements | Chapter 1 | The What? [ More… ]

DIY Marketing | Part 2

DIY Marketing | Part 2

The second installment of DIY Marketing. Don’t forget to watch the bloopers!   Chapter 6 | Successful Marketing – The Essential Elements What gets your marketing communication noticed? Relevant, value-added content delivered concisely…and attractively! Make your message memorable and meaningful to your target audience. Download Chapter Handout   Chapter 7 | Building Relationships – Making Strides In Person Never underestimate the power of a face-to-face sales call – it builds [ More… ]

DIY Marketing | Part 1

DIY Marketing in five easy pieces (Part 1)

The DIY Marketing segment is intended to give a business person some do-it-yourself marketing basics with a focus on branding in five quick chapters. Whether you’re an established business or a start-up, learn what to do and what to avoid when developing your marketing plan. Happy Marketing! Chapter 1 | Ingenuity Marketing – A True Story Here’s how a box of cookies helped build a business (15 years strong…from 2 [ More… ]


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