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Success Stories

Everyone has a success story. At Tetrault Insurance Agency, we want to be part of yours. Take a look at the ways we've helped customers save money and have peace of mind for their individual and business insurance needs.

  1. Eliminating a Cash-Flow Crunch
    During a mid-term workers compensation audit, it was apparent that our client's payroll was growing faster than anticipated and a year-end adjustment would be necessary.  Recognizing that it is difficult to finance a year-end adjustment, we requested a mid-term adjustment.  We approached a number of financing providers and the insurance carrier directly. This effort resulted in a workable payment schedule so our client had enough time to generate the funds needed to pay the premium. 

  2. Reducing the High Cost of Group Health Care
    A 40+ person professional office asked us to provide alternative proposals for their group health insurance.  They were part of a larger group plan and felt they may have been subsidizing the cost of health insurance for the other participants.  We provided proposals for the professional office as a stand-alone group and identified close to $50,000 in savings by moving the plan to a more competitive health insurance carrier without sacrificing any benefit coverage.  This freed up substantial capital that was necessary for a major technology upgrade initiative that was underway.   

  3. Correcting Redundant Policies and Underinsured Assets
    When a local garage/pre-owned car dealer asked us to review their insurance policies, we recognized that they were paying for the same liability protection on two separate policies.  Further, it was apparent that they were underinsured on the group of pre-owned cars they had for sale.  We began to work diligently with our underwriter to consolidate liability and increase coverage for the dealer's inventory. This netted a total savings of over $6,000 on all policies as well as the peace of mind that comes with proper coverage.


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